Dino IPTV is a service that offers a wide range of television channels, movies, series, and other content delivered over the internet. While I can't provide specific instructions for adding Dino IPTV to Plex as it depends on the service's compatibility and setup, I can offer some general guidance:

1. **Check Compatibility:** Determine if Dino IPTV supports integration with Plex. Some IPTV providers offer specific instructions or plugins for Plex integration.

2. **Setup M3U Playlist:** If Dino IPTV provides an M3U playlist URL, you may be able to use it to add IPTV channels to Plex using a third-party tool like Telly or xTeVe. These tools act as IPTV proxies, allowing Plex to recognize and stream IPTV channels.

3. **Third-party Tools:** Install and configure a third-party tool like Telly or xTeVe on your network. Follow the setup instructions provided by the tool's documentation to add Dino IPTV channels.

4. **Plex DVR:** In Plex, navigate to "Settings" > "Manage" > "Live TV & DVR." Enable the DVR feature and add the third-party tool (Telly or xTeVe) as a tuner source. Plex should detect the channels provided by Dino IPTV.

5. **Scan for Channels:** Plex will scan for available channels and program guide information provided by Dino IPTV. After the scan is complete, you should see the channels listed in Plex's interface.

6. **Enjoy IPTV in Plex:** You can now access and watch Dino IPTV channels through Plex on various devices supported by Plex.

Please note that the availability and compatibility of Dino IPTV with Plex may vary, and you may need to explore alternative methods or contact Dino IPTV support for assistance. Additionally, ensure you have the necessary subscriptions and permissions to access Dino IPTV content legally and ethically.