how to add iptv to plex ?


As of my last update, Plex doesn't directly support IPTV channels. However, there's a workaround that involves using third-party tools and plugins to add IPTV channels to Plex. Here's a general guide on how to do it:

### 1. Install Telly or xTeVe:
- Telly and xTeVe are both third-party applications that act as IPTV proxies, allowing you to integrate IPTV channels into Plex.
- You can find instructions on how to install and set up Telly or xTeVe on their respective websites or GitHub pages.

### 2. Configure Telly/xTeVe:
- Once installed, you'll need to configure Telly or xTeVe with your IPTV provider's M3U playlist URL and EPG (Electronic Program Guide) URL.
- Follow the setup instructions provided by Telly or xTeVe to add your IPTV channels and EPG data.

### 3. Set Up Plex DVR:
- Open your Plex web interface and go to "Settings" > "Manage" > "Live TV & DVR."
- Enable the "DVR" option if you haven't already.
- Click on "Add Device" and select "Plex DVR."
- Enter the network address (IP and port) of Telly or xTeVe.
- Plex should detect your IPTV channels and EPG data from Telly or xTeVe.

### 4. Scan for Channels:
- Once configured, Plex will scan for available channels and EPG data.
- After the scan is complete, you should see your IPTV channels listed in Plex along with their program guide information.

### 5. Enjoy IPTV in Plex:
- You can now watch live IPTV channels using Plex's interface on various devices supported by Plex, such as smart TVs, streaming devices, and mobile devices.

### Important Notes:
- Make sure you have a stable and reliable IPTV service provider to avoid interruptions in service.
- Telly and xTeVe are third-party applications and may require occasional updates or maintenance.
- Plex's support for live TV and DVR features may vary depending on your Plex subscription level and region.

Keep in mind that the process of adding IPTV channels to Plex may require some technical know-how, and it's essential to follow the setup instructions carefully to ensure everything works correctly. Additionally, be aware of any potential legal implications regarding the use of IPTV services in your region.